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Pico de gallo is NOT salsa. Watery tomato sauce is NOT salsa. Chopped fruits and vegetables are NOT salsa! We make our family's black salsa recipe, with tomatoes, peppers, and garlic. 


No raw onions or cilantro, no stereotype.


Our salsa comes in one "heat level." You'll notice the spiciness moves to the back of your mouth so that you can continue eating your food as the heat builds up with each bite.  Tasty and addicting, just as you'd have in Mexico.


If you’ve fallen in love with our unique black salsa, you can order it online! Get a jar for yourself or give one as a very special gift (we ship nationwide). For larger orders of jars, for corporate gifts or party favors, send us an email with your order details. Please provide us with at least two weeks of notice for larger orders.


For additional questions, call us: 617- 957- 0725 or email us:


Prices per jar don't reflect tax or shipping. We use USPS Flat Rate Box shipping and shipping rates are their set-prices. 



For a birthday gift, holiday gift, or thank you gift, our baskets are great options! Each basket carries our unique black salsa, Mexican seasonings, and candies straight from the motherland. Everything is wrapped to perfection and lovingly decorated. All baskets include a personalized note and can be shipped nationwide. Please send us an email with your order details, specifying the salsa jar size you would like.



DIP DELICIOUSLY - Mix equal parts of your preferred sour cream -OR- cream cheese per spoonful of black salsa. Whisk until smooth and well blended, to avoid having chunks of sour cream or cream cheese or salsa on their own. Pair with your favorite veggie sticks, chips, or even chicken and beef skewers as an alternative to BBQ sauce.


MARINEASY - *To marinate 2 chicken cutlets, fish filets, or steak tips* Wisk the juice of one lime, without seeds, with a spoonful of black salsa. The salsa will be “watered down” from the lime juice, try spiciness to taste. If you like the tart and spicy flavor leave as-is or add more lime juice or black salsa. In a zip-lock bag or sealable container add the marinade and your protein of choice. Marinate for at least 2 hours, then cook as you’d like.


CHEESEBURGER KICK - When mixing the ground meat for your hamburgers, add a spoonful of black salsa into your mixture. Avoid adding much salt or pepper, as the flavor could get too intense in addition to the salsa. Let the black salsa be your seasoning, and cook your hamburgers as you normally do. Add cheese and enjoy a simple twist in a classic meal!


SPICED CRANBERRY SAUCE - This one is our favorite during the holidays! While you cook your homemade cranberry sauce, or open your preferred canned cranberry sauce, add black salsa to taste. You still want to maintain the sweet and tart flavor or the cranberries but with a gentle spice and the staple smokiness of our black salsa. It’s delicious with turkey!


NOT SO VANILLA - We’ve said it because we’ve tried it: black salsa is great as a dessert, too! Scoop your preferred brand of vanilla ice cream and add a spoonful of black salsa. The ice cream/salsa ratio should be 70/30 to still taste the vanilla but have a little added spice that won’t overwhelm the sweetness. Try it as an unexpected dessert for your next taco party!


BREAKFAST MAGIC - Bring your scrambled eggs up a notch by whisking them with a spoonful of black salsa. Add chopped ham or veggies and cook as you normally do. Without adding extra salt or seasonings, these eggs will be finger licking good.

 Another breakfast option is using our black salsa as an alternative to jelly on toast. Pair with organic honey for an out-of-this-world taste, or top with fresh cheese and avocado! 


SAVORY SAUCE - A simple way to make a staple dish like spaghetti and meatballs new again is by adding black salsa to taste while you simmer your marinara sauce. Alternatively, you could add black salsa to your meatball mixture and let the meat improve the flavor of the dish. Note that, if you cook your marinara sauce with black salsa you can also use that sauce for pizza, mozzarella sticks, or lasagna!


DRESSINGS - 1) Greek yogurt pairs deliciously well with black salsa. Add to your preferred brand by itself, or along with EVOO to taste. Whisk until smooth and pour over your salads or veggies.

 2) Wisk one spoonful of lime juice, black salsa, and olive oil until all the ingredients are well mixed. Pour over your salads or veggies.* These options can also be used when grilling to improve the flavor of your meats or vegetables as they cook*



 The beauty of our family’s black salsa is that it pairs well with everything! We’ve heard of many ways people have cooked with it, and encourage you to try new ideas yourself! These are additional suggestions made by our patrons: 


  •  Mix with mayonnaise or ketchup for french-fries

  • Add to butter and refrigerate then slice it for grilled steak

  • Stir into macaroni and cheese, rice or beans when cooking

  • Add to grits with cheese and bacon

  • Use it cold in place of cocktail sauce for shrimp

  • Add it to your soups, stews or chili for extra flavor

  • Stir into chicken salad, potato salad or tuna salad

  • Add it to your meatloaf when cooking

  • Simply pour over tacos, pizza, subs or sushi! 

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