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If you live outside of Boston and STILL want to help, please consider a donation: 
1) You can "buy" a virtual burrito that will be posted as a shout out on ALL our social media channels!
2) You can make a donation to help us pay the upcoming (and non-stopping) bills! 
3) You can "adopt" an employee with one donation to help pay for their wages!

Fer - Father of 2, has worked for us since we opened on Water Street,

his night time job at a busy restaurant in the North End told all employees they would close indefinitely

Weekly wage: $680 pre-tax

Karen - Mother of 2, has worked for us 2 years,

her husband works in construction but hasn't been called in since the last week of February

Weekly wage: $600 pre-tax

Sony - Single mother of 3, has worked for us on and off for 3 years,

her nigh time job at a restaurant in East Boston decided to close instead of doing takeout/delivery

Weekly wage: $600 pre-tax

Jose - Senior who lives with his daughter,

has worked with us since this January as our do-it-all cleaning expert

Weekly wage: $580 pre-tax

In Boston? We are READY TO SERVE YOU!
Our COVID hours are: 8AM - 4PM, Monday to Friday
Please call 617-957-0725 to order
We will be making our own deliveries within Boston
Charge over the phone with credit cards only
Please call 617-957-0725 to order 


You may wonder why we want to keep working, or why we chose these hours. Simply put: to keep our employees working and paid. 


As a small business with an hourly wage team, our staff depends on their paychecks.

The hours we chose reflect the times our team normally works (7am- 3pm). 

Bessie and I will be OK, but they need the pay. 


I wish we had the funds to pay our workers without having to open, but that is not the case for us yet.

Our goal during this Coronavirus process is to make enough to pay their weekly wages, which is $4,000 per week. 


We will be open for pickups and making our own deliveries. 

Paying 20% and up to 40% per transaction for DoorDash or UberEats, etc, defeats our purpose. 


We are being EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS. Everybody wears gloves, is cleaning even more often than usual, 

and is working at the safe distance required without touching. In making deliveries we will also be wearing gloves and limiting

contact depending on each customer's needs (handicap/elderly/caregivers/etc). 


This CAN work, and we are determined to KEEP GOING! 

Please, if you are still working and earning, and not wanting to cook, order from us. 

In addition, please consider supporting fellow independent restaurants still open through these days.