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Answers to some of the most common questions we've been asked. Send us yours if you'd like to learn more: 


What makes you "authentic" compared to other places I've been to? 

Well, we are Mexicans cooking Mexican food. We were born and raised in Mexico and our family is from Puebla, so we know what our food should look and taste like- and how to cook it. While we appreciate that many people love our country's food, the popularity of Mexican cuisine has almost made it a fad. So many people try to make Mexican food to take advantage of this fad but don't really cook for the quality or the flavor of the food. If we don't eat it in Mexico we won't sell it. That's the main difference between our place and others. 


What is your most popular item? 

We're famous for our burritos, which have a grilled tortilla rather than just a cold or steamed tortilla. We grill the tortilla because that is how tortillas are eaten in Mexico, not just chewy and steamed or cold. We were one of the first Mexican restaurants in Massachusetts offering grilled burritos, so try them! Besides this, everything else is really good! We make our own chorizo, carnitas marinade our chicken and beet, make tamales, desserts, fresh fruit drinks and obviously our salsa. The salsa is pretty famous, too!


How do I order my burrito?

Three easy steps:

1-Pick your filling (meat, veggie, or plain)

2-Pick your spice (mild, medium, spicy)

3-Add or take-out (add: guac, sour cream... take out: what you don't like)


What is mole?

Mole is one of the most popular and traditional Mexican dishes. The actual sauce is called "mole" and there are many different types of moles. What we cook is Mole Poblano, or the sauce typical from the state of Puebla. Our mole is tangy and sweet, from the chocolate, spices and peppers blended together to create it. We always serve our mole with chicken and it is definitely a comfort food item to try. When eating it in a burrito stand it up and face it, rather than hold it, to avoid getting any of its yummy juices leaking on you. 


What type of beef do you use? 

We use steak, grill it and chop it. You are never going to get fajita-style chunks of meat in our dishes. ALL of our meats are hand-pulled or chopped to blend with the other ingredients in your food. We do not use ground beef. For our chicken we always use chicken breast. Our pork options are always lean cuts. 


Is the cactus salad really made from cactus?

Yes! The cactus leaves are edible and there is a cooking process to make them tender to eat. After they are tender you can eat them in different ways and we make cactus salad with ours! The texture is crunchy on the outside and watery on the inside, like a bell pepper. Cactus, or nopal, doesn't have a particular flavor, but once mixed with the other ingredients of the salad it's a refreshing and healthy meal or side-dish! Plus, you can add a protein to your salad!


So, why won't you make me veggie tacos with cactus?!

Good try! We prepare enough cactus for our salads and cannot spare throwing out that produce if at least a certain minimum of "cactus tacos" are not sold daily. Veggie tacos are not a norm in Mexico but we do have them, we won't lie about that. Unfortunately ingredients like flor de calabaza, huitlacoche, or even poblano peppers, to make veggie tacos aren't fresh and readily available in this area. We won't sell you a canned ingredient just to monetize on your vegan or vegetarian needs, and we really have no clue how to cook tofu. However, we offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian options that you can enjoy! 


Ok, what are these vegan and vegetarian options? 

Vegan friends can try:

Veggie or Plain Burrito and Burrito Bowl without cheese

Plain Tamales

Plain Tostadas

Cactus Salad without cheese

All of our Chips Rice, Beans, Guacamole and Salsa

All of our fresh fruit drinks


Vegetarian friends can try:

Veggie or Plain Burrito and Burrito Bowl

Veggie, Plain or Mushroom Quesadillas

Plain Tostadas 

Plain or Cheese and Pepper Tamales

Cactus Salad 

All of our Chips Rice, Beans, Guacamole and Salsa

Tres Leches Cake of Flan

All of our fresh fruit drinks


Why are your prices so much higher than "XYZ" place?! 

Our operating costs are much higher than those from any chain where you may have eaten Mexican food. Typically, a food business has an operating cost of 20-25%, ours is 30% and sometimes a little higher than that. Why? Because of the cost of produce and proteins fluctuating. We buy fresh ingredients, nothing is canned or bagged or pre-made. This means that since it costs more to make our food, it costs more to sell our food. We understand that this is not ideal for everyone, but for those who understand the math behind pricing and appreciate fresh-daily-handmade food our prices seem quite reasonable. 


Why do you run out of food?

Its slightly related to the previous answer. Everything is made daily, period. From the sautéed veggies and meats to the rice and beans. We cook for an average walk-in crowd, then plan for catering orders separately; but sometimes friends call the day-of, or come in, to order food for 20 people or more! This affects our walk-in cooking expectations, causing us to run out of food. That's why we kindly ask you to order food for more than five (5) people at least a day in advance! This gives us time to plan accordingly and adjust our daily cooking. If you want food later on in the day, we recommend you call in and place a pick-up order! This way, you make sure we save you food regardless of the day's crowd.

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