Black Salsa


Pico de gallo is not salsa. Watery tomato sauce is not salsa. Chopped fruits and vegetables are not salsa! 

We make our family's black salsa recipe, with cooked tomatoes, peppers and garlic. 

No raw onions or cilantro, no stereotype.

 Our salsa comes in one "heat level." You'll notice the spiciness moves to the back of your mouth, so that you can continue eating your food as the heat builds up with each bite. 

Tasty and addicting, just as you'd have in Mexico.

If you’ve fallen in love with our unique black salsa, you can order it online! Getting a jar for yourself or giving one as a gift will be very special. Plus, we ship nationwide. If you’d like larger orders of jars of salsa, for corporate gifts or event favors, send us an email with your order details. Please provide us with at least two weeks of notice for large orders.

House Salsa

Gift Baskets

For a birthday gift, holiday gift, or thank you gift, our baskets are great options! 

Each basket carries our unique black salsa, Mexican seasonings and candies straight from the motherland. Everything is wrapped to perfection and lovingly decorated. All baskets include a personalized note and can be shipped nationwide. Please send us an email with your order details.