up, down and around

Hi my friends!

This work week, officially finished, marks the first full six months of our reopening! To be honest with you, it feels like a year already. I think in these six months we've been overwhelmed, overjoyed and overworked- and you've been a witness to it all, as well as a supporter.

All we can manage to say still is "thank you." In these six months there have been lots of ups. Every single day we get a comment of "oh I didn't know you were here but it's great," "we love your food, so happy you're here," or "I'm so happy you're back!" Like I've said before, you're the fuel that keeps us moving. With every single one of these comments, or reviews, or emails or phone calls, my day is brightened.

In these six months we've also had downs. We've gotten used to a different schedule and have tried to hone each order down to 8 minutes, from the moment you walk in to order, receive your food and depart. I'll tell you, I never imagined we'd get to this point of timing ourselves but we are working really hard on it and it makes me very proud! However, during the busiest times, and when large orders also come in, we know some of you have had to wait longer than the 8 minutes we're working on. You've may have gotten a wrong order or your order may have and an issue. Some of you have been too kind in calling or emailing us to let us know of these mistakes and encouraged us to keep going, while others have voiced their discomfort online. Either way, we hear you loud and clear and we truly- I truly- apologize. There's nothing I wish more than to be able to make every single order for every single one of you, but we must rely on our team to make everything happen (plus there's only so much speed I have, and I'd pass the 8 minute mark). We continue to train staff and manage the stress as best possible.

In these six months we've also been around. The little boss (my daughter) says this sounds bad- but it's true! The press and events and catering continue and this is what has been so special. From celebrating Cinco de Mayo, to doing charity events again and celebrating birthdays here with you, this is why I love our business. I am loving getting to know you, seeing you before or after work and chatting, getting some new friends for a lifetime that are as passionate about food as we are. This place, my friends, is our home. What I want is to make a community around it.

So! Six months done, 174 more to go ;) There will be many more ups, and downs, and hopefully even more arounds, and we keep doing what we hope to do best for you. Sharing ourselves, our culture and our life, through food.

Thank you, my friends