Three months in!

Hello my friends, happy Monday! And for us, happy three months at our new place!

It has been an amazing three months in, and the lessons continue. I never imagined that we would have so much attention in such a short amount of time. Thanks to God and to local press and to you we got coverage on Chronicle, won's Uncommon award for "Best Two-Handed Burrito" and made Time Out's Best Mexican Food in Boston list.

I think we have created a better flow to serve you quickly, while still making our food daily and fresh. At the same time I would like to make a "Villa Mexico Guide" for our new friends who have an expectation of Mexican food, because they've eaten at places that cook differently from us. The "guide" would explain why our salsa is black, what is mole, how we make carnitas, and other details of our food.

Overall we want to continue serving you better and creating our community. That has been the "hardest" part to get used to for me. I like talking to you, get to know your order, have some jokes when we see each other and such. Slowly you are getting used to me/us and it's very encouraging, so please keep chatting and visiting us just to say "hi"!

For sure, I've realized we are not for all (as I said and wrote before) but I like to say that "the sun comes out for everyone" and people can get Tex-Mex where they usually like to eat and Mexican here with us. We're not here for competition. I want to share our food, our culture and our country with you and I really like that you're enjoying it :)

Now we are open on Saturdays, welcoming tourists for the warm season (but really when is the warmth gonna stay for good?!) and meeting our neighbors! On Fridays I'm also making weekly specials, like meatballs and enchiladas aside from fish tacos, because I have a big kitchen now where I can cook my specialties! And as the summer rolls in we're going to invite you to some charity events we're part of!

Three months in and years to come. Every day is a joy, a lesson, a pain, a party, an opportunity for so much more!

Thank you my dear friends, you make your Momma King very happy