The first month

It's been a month already?!

We can't fully believe it, to be honest. Time has gone by so quickly, but busy! So, what can I tell you about our first month, my friends? Well, a mix of things.

First, that we've been very warmly welcomed into the neighborhood! From the fellow business owners to the customers who work around the area, to customers who've returned to have the "gas station burritos," to residents of these blocks, You've all been incredibly graceful and kind. THANK YOU!

Second, that we're on a whole new schedule! The first week was wild. We ran out of food daily and were cooking up to 2 or 3 a.m. to keep up with the next day's demand. So far we've been here every weekend pre-prepping and cooking many of the marinades or salsa, and cleaning the meats we need to cook daily. It's been a big adjustment. Still, by week four we have a better hang of things. We have an almost round-the-clock cooking schedule now and we got more help to ensure our dinner friends get their food too! It's been tiring but a part of the process. Thanks to these "bumps on the road" we learn how to serve you better.

Third, that our food is indeed not for everyone. This may come as a shock, to hear a business owner say, "my food is not for you," but it's true! We've realized that are still customers who prefer or want the Tex-Mex or border version of Mexican food, just as there are still customers who want the family-recipes version of Mexican food. As you know, we do the latter, and we will never change that. This month we've been asked if we do tortas (we don't because the REAL bread can't be found or made here), if we sell pinto beans or yellow rice, if we can add "pico" to the food instead of the black sauce (our salsa), etcetera. We take it all in stride because we know, as we've learned in 14 years, that the flavor, the size, and even the look of our food, versus the food some people have been exposed to for years or decades, may take some getting used to.

I began this business not only to make a living, but to make and eat the food of my country. Along this journey I've realized my mission has also become to educate my customers, my friends, about our food, our culture and our traditions. Always with cleanliness, friendliness, and authenticity. So, the mission continues!

As you've probably read on social media or heard it in person: thank you for having us back or for trying us for the first time, we are so happy to be here and month one was AMAZING!!!

-Momma King