Getting back to business

Hi my friends!

Well, it has been a long two years, or at least that is how it has felt for us! As you may recall, we closed our Beacon Hill location in January of 2013. The little gas station burrito shop that could had to close its doors due to a general building demolishment and redevelopment.

For a while we tried to stay in Beacon Hill, because after six years the area felt like home. We looked at a spot on Grove Street and a spot in an MGH building, next to their museum. Neither worked out, so we looked elsewhere. Throughout 2013 we came close to finalizing leases in West Roxbury and even Stoneham, where we live, but the closer we got to finishing the deals things didn't work out either.

Coming into 2014 we were feeling defeated, our catering and salsa sales continued but we still wanted our little spot. I personally missed seeing your faces, talking every day with my friends, and making people happy with food. Thanks to God, however, the spot that was to be ours found us just in time.

One of our customers and his wife who became dear friends and supporters of our reopening, had just closed a deal in a building in the financial district. The space had two retail spots and after being asked, "would you like to move here?" we said, "OF COURSE!"

Suddenly, those months that seemed endless in searching and waiting and doing it all over again paid off. We all got to work right away with our new landlords, our couple friends and a talented architect, to design, get permits, gut the space and start construction a.s.a.p.

At the start of 2015 things were set to start building and through this year we have experienced the ups and downs of construction! From selecting tiles and wall colors to awaiting building permits and space approvals, I can tell you that it has been a wild ride.

Thankfully the support our landlords gave us continued with our construction crew, lawyer, accountant, designers, providers, bankers and local government because not a day has gone by where we don't accomplish something. Now, I am sure you have seen some lovely photos of what the space has begun to look like.

Our team has begun to be recruited and training is underway. We are finalizing inspections so that, fingers crossed, you will be eating burritos to ring in 2016. Honestly, my friends, this little spot came to us as a God sent, and everything has mobilized itself to get us to opening day. It has not been easy or cheap or simple, but it has been very worth it.

The thing that has kept us ALL going is that we want to bring you, our customers, the best traditional, homemade Mexican food I know how to cook. About 50 people involved in this reopening now know you as their friends, too. Together we are so eager to see you walk through the doors of our new business home.

A long story told short my dears, but this is how we came to be located at 121 Water Street, Boston. If you want to stay updated with our opening news find us online on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. You don't have to follow us if you don't like social media, but that's where the latest details are shared fast. I will also try to write more often now that we have a blog in our nice website.

All in hopes we connect again and retake our food relationship right where we left off. With me saying, "hi my friends!" and you having a mouthful of good food!