Thank you for visiting Villa México Café, we offer authentic, homemade, Mexican food in Boston. We are happy to serve our customers with fresh ingredients and original recipes from our family.

Just as the owner, and friend-to-all, Julie King says, “the Sun comes out for everyone;” so if you’ve tried other Mexican food we invite you to try ours to taste the difference. We offer catering for small office or school groups and event organizing for weddings, birthdays and more. Make your next get together a great fiesta with our services!


Julieta King or “Julie for her friends” was born and raised in México City. A lawyer in her country, she met her Texan husband while working there. After marrying and having their only child, the family lived in the U.S. for some time before moving back to México since Julie missed her family.

Julie became a widow in the 90s and decided to move with her daughter back to the States so that she could go to college there. The pair relocated to Massachusetts and began their New England lives in 1999. Julie decided to venture into the food business mainly because she found no good Mexican food to satisfy her cravings. The first Villa México Café was opened in the suburb of Woburn and the mother-daughter team worked very hard to make it grow. Unfortunately they had to endure its loss due to a building fire.

Villa México by Julie’s Fayre was opened once again in Woburn, two years after the first. However, health issues made Julie close shop. After some searching, the “little Mexican woman,” as Todd English has called her, opened Villa México Café in Beacon Hill and stayed there until 2013.

There is no better word to describe Julie than with “unique.” Whether she’s yelling out, “Hi my friend!” or nagging clients for “not eating well,” she has come to acquire an extensive group of friends who like her spirit. No mater what comes her way, good or bad, happy or sad, Julie can always bring herself up and move forward. It is this spirit that makes her even more appealing to talk to... and whether you ask for it or not, advice on how “life is good and must be lived with happiness” will be given.






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